Top 5 Risks of Radiofrequency Ablation

As with any medical procedure, radiofrequency ablation carries certain risks. When you know the risks, you can decide whether RFA is ideal, depending on your health condition and medical history. Here are the significant risks of radiofrequency ablation. 

  1. Infection: Like any procedure that involves putting a needle into your body, infection is always a risk with radiofrequency ablation. Your doctor will take precautions to minimize the risk of infection by using sterile supplies and techniques.
  2. Damage to Local Tissue: Although rare, RFA can cause damage to tissue in the area of treatment. And this can lead to nerve injury or other complications such as scarring and pain. 
  3. Bleeding: In some cases, patients may experience minor bleeding from where the doctor inserted the needle. 
  4. Blood Clots: The formation of blood clots is another potential complication of RF ablation. These clots can travel through the bloodstream and cause serious health problems in other body parts. 
  5. Pain: During and after the procedure, some patients may experience pain in the area of treatment. Your doctor can provide medication to manage any discomfort. 

These are the most severe risks associated with radiofrequency ablation, but there are also less common side effects that you should be aware of before undergoing this procedure. 

Other Complications 

Radiofrequency treatment may not successfully relieve your symptoms or achieve the desired outcome. You may also experience temporary tingling or numbness in the area around the treated nerve. In rare cases, it may cause tissue damage or even skin burns if the physician uses too much energy during the procedure. 

To help minimize these risks, talk to your doctor about any concerns you have before undergoing radiofrequency ablation. Additionally, ensure that only an experienced professional performs this procedure on you. Follow all of your doctor’s instructions after the treatment procedure, such as avoiding activities that could cause

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